COVID TESTING (in case you need it) BEFORE YOU LEAVE

Many of you might be looking for a location to have your COVID test before departing.

Here are a few locations for testing:
Paradise Village Resort $45 USD (testing is provided by an outside company for the convenience of guests)
Hospital Joya $600 pesos or $30 USD
Puerto Vallarta airport: Price for International passenger and airport community
Antigen $ 500.00 MXN (approximately $25 USD)
PCR $1,500.00 MXN (approximately $75 USD)

These prices were quoted at the time of request and subject to change. You may have noticed other locations that provide testing. You should feel free to use any site you choose.


There are no restrictions for entry to Mexico with regards to COVID-19. The country uses a “Semáforo” (Traffic Light) system for describing the COVID levels on a state-by-state basis. They are:

  • ROJO (RED)  – Do not go out if it is not strictly necessary
  • NARANJA (ORANGE) – If you can, stay home.
  • AMARILLO (YELLOW) – There are more activities but with caution.
  • VERDE (GREEN) – We can go out but with caution and prevention.

For a quick summary of the Mexican Semáforo system, as well as an up-to-date map of the current situation, click here:

At time of this writing (April 1, 2022), ALL MEXICAN STATES ARE GREEN. The situation has changed quite frequently over the past two years. For up-to-date information on the current status of COVID in Mexico, you can visit the official government web site:

The precautions that are taken in local communities, such as Banderas Bay, are determined on a state and local level. Restrictions such as limiting hotel and restaurant booking are often implemented as a reaction to the level of infection. Most businesses open to the public require masks inside, as well as hand sanitizer and temperature checks.

While it is difficult to predict the situation at the time of the events, all organizations involved will be practicing and enforcing the appropriate protocols.